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School Facilities

At Buloba Royal College we have state of the art Infrastructure coupled with a number of other facilities as listed below which enhance the Learning environment of our students.

Computer Laboratory
Our spacious and modern computer lab ensures a comfortable learning environment for students to polish their computer skills something that gives them a competitive edge over their peers. The lab is overseen by a skilled full-time computer teacher who is on hand to guide the students teaching them key computer skills.

School Library
The school has a magnificent library. This is run by Competent and well trained full time librarians with a qualified teacher heading the library department.

Science Laboratory
We believe science and technology is very important and can not be learnt in a textbook alone, hence the need to have a science lab to do practical teaching of the subject. Understanding and knowing the practical part of things goes along way in easing the learning process as by witnessing through experiments leaves a lasting imprint in their memories.

Sick Bay
Students who are unwell at school or suffer minor injuries are treated by a qualified full-time nurse in the school Sick Bay. The sickbay is fully stocked with the necessary drugs and first aid equipment to ensure that all emergencies are dealt with in the best possible way at the school. Parents are informed of any serious injury and are contacted if a doctor or hospital visit is advised.

With these opportunities students of Buloba Royal College are brought up with a proper sense of mental and physical health, with emphasis on smartness.