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Academics At Buloba Royal College

The School Curriculum
The following subjects are target at O-Level ( S.1 to S.4); English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Commerce, Accounts, Entrepreneurship, Literature, French, Luganda, CRE, Islam, Computer studies, Agriculture and Fine art. At A-Level the following subjects are taught too;

History, Geography, Divinity, Islam, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Literature, Luganda, French, Fine Art, Subsidiary computer and General paper.

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture and Subsidiary Mathematics.

Extra Lessons
In addition to the normal timetabled lessons, we go an extra mile to give our students extra lessons, that is, during night preps, our teachers go to class to iron out areas students might not have understood during normal lessons.

Science Laboratories
We have science Laboratories which are fully stocked with all the relevant apparatus and chemicals required in the various experiments carried out by students, on a weekly basis, for all the science subjects that is; physics, chemistry, biology and agriculture.

Group-based practical sessions are also organized to for students whom may not have understood concepts during the general class practical lessons.

Computer Lab
Our lab has data projection facilities. Familiarity with computers is encouraged. Our students regularly use computers both in computing lessons, and as a learning tool in other areas of the curriculum, say biology, physics, chemistry, geography, etc, through the use of Audio-visual aids.

A system of continuous assessment is applied, as our students are subjected to three sets of exams, which all contribute to the termly performance on their reports, that is;
Beginning of term exams – 15%
Mid-term exams – 15%
End of term exams – 70%

This implies that promotion to the next class is not automatic. Regular topical tests are also conducted on fortnightly basis.

Counselling Services
The Counseling Department of Kingsway High School continues to be a vital hub of the school. Arrangements are always made for students have counseling sessions, a platform on which they are able to discuss personal problems, and to also explore subject or career options.

All science experiments are guided and monitored by our qualified and experienced laboratory technicians.